About Us

Quentin Guillory created Officially BALD for the prominent  men and woman who has a desire to be more than trendy, but confident and bold with their baldness. He recognized the need to introduce products to the classy and cultured bald people of the world, and from this concept Officially BALD was born. A native Texas, and master Barber/barber educator for over 20 years, Quentin knows first-hand how important proper shaving, scalp care and maintenance can be with the correct products are used on the scalp.  With conditions such as alopecia and male pattern baldness,  along with other scalp conditions the health and beauty industry has limited choices. Many years of drugstore and many DIY product use led to an urgency to find…or create…something better. Through much research and testing, Officially BALD introduced a product line designed to enrich the user with all natural, organic and some vegan ingredients. Future expansions will include other merchandise designed to be beneficial and therapeutic added gratification to men and women. Officially BALD is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle.